Innovative Manufacturing Marketing Strategies

6 Innovative Manufacturing Marketing Strategies

One industry faces unique obstacles when it comes to marketing and that is manufacturing. Manufacturers need to be smart and go above and beyond the norm when it comes to marketing. The audience is much smaller in a sense as they’re not appealing to the broad spectrum of consumers but rather production workers. It means you have to stay ahead of the competition without looking desperate or cutting corners.

Fortunately, there are a few innovative marketing strategies to consider. So, what are the top manufacturing marketing strategies to try today?

PPC and Direct Online Advertisements

Pay-per-click has gotten some rough feedback of late but the truth is it can help those looking to create a strong marketing campaign. Manufacturing marketing needs to be direct and target the most relevant people online. So, PPC and direct online ads can help create a strong campaign for those in the industry. You can advertise online through various channels and reap rewards.

PPC and Direct Online Advertisements

Video Marketing

There is a misconception that video marketing is only for those selling products to the everyday consumer, but that’s not true. Video marketing has become the latest but greatest marketing trend. Any industry can utilize video marketing because it gets right to the point. You can show potential buyers what you have to offer and explain concepts and ideas. It may drive sales and make your business the most appealing one to manufacturers.

Tackle Skepticism

You have to understand that choosing a new manufacturer is never easy. Companies need to be sure skills, machinery, or products have value to them. So, you need to find ways to tackle their skepticism. This goes back somewhat to video marketing (but can be expanded to other online content). You must show why you’re the standout option. Manufacturing marketing can be more effective if you tackle the doubters because if you give them nothing to doubt, then there’s no alarm.

Knockout Newsletters and Email Campaigns

Some are skeptical about email and newsletters when it comes to marketing, but they’re actually effective. Any industry needs to put out a strong email and newsletter campaign to entice those they’ve dealt with previously and to attract new customers. It can be the most effective and innovative way to attract people to your business. It keeps you relevant and at the forefront of the recipient’s mind. Learn more about Email Marketing by clicking here

Provide Educational Content

Manufacturers cater to a different audience so they won’t be mainstream. It means you’ll be dealing with industry experts that need to know why you’re the best option. For instance, you have a new piece of machinery. It’s a new design and few companies use it, so there is a natural hesitance in using it. You must show your audience how the machine works and the results it produces. Giving out this educational content through your manufacturing marketing strategy can make more people interested in using the machine.

Have a Strong Social Media Campaign

Businesses need social media; it’s a standard part of life and whether you loathe it or love it, you are likely to need it. Why? This is where you can build trust and win new customers. What’s more, it’s also where people can reach out and contact you. Any industry (or business within a sector) needs to have good social media campaigns and use a variety of channels too. Learn more about the Industries and their types at

Success is Possible Through Innovative Manufacturing Marketing

Manufacturing marketing is tough because you don’t focus on the average consumer. So, you need to create successful marketing campaigns. You need to use video marketing and PPC, create strong email and newsletter campaigns, and much more. These innovative ideas are useful and can help you create a successful manufacturing marketing strategy.

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